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One of BINUS UNIVERSITY’s main strengths in creating and operating academic activities and services to BINA NUSANTARA Group stakeholders is IT implementation in every aspect of academic and academic support processes.

In August 2005, BINA NUSANTARA Foundation decided to upgrade its IT from departmental to directorate status, reporting directly to BINA NUSANTARA Foundation. IT Directorate is responsible not only for supporting BINUS UNIVERSITY but also all business units in the BINA NUSANTARA Foundation. In October 2011, IT Directorate was renamed to IT Division. IT Division stands strategic position to provide support in term of information technology for other units under the BINA NUSANTARA Foundation.

IT Division is now lead by a IT Director, Mr. Ivan Sangkereng The IT Division has 6 main functions:

  1. Software Solution (Group 1)

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Mr. Andy Effendi

    This department is responsible for applications development in areas, which includes BINUS School Simprug, BINUS School Serpong, BINUS School Bekasi, Application Operation for Higher Education, Marketing, Binus Center, General Affair, Binus TV and Legal.

  2. Software Solution (Group 2)

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Mr. Andy Effendi

    This department is responsible for applications development in areas, which includes, BINUS UNIVERSITY, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, BINUS Online Learning, Student Administration Systems, Binus Corp. Learning & Dev., Knowledge Management, Binus Square and Binus Mobile,

  3. Resources Center

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Mr. San Karya

    This department is responsible for provide programmer to serve software solution department, manage the source code with source code management and code convention standard. This department also responsible for current technology research development which can be implemented in BINUS Group, managing human resources and managing knowledge

  4. Data Center

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Mr. Indrabudhi Lokaadinugroho

    This department is responsible for data center and system administrator. This department responsible for the overall enterprise wide effectiveness and efficiency of database administration, user computing, system and application (web and workgroup application) also Ensure excellent operational process and service for all stakeholders

  5. Business Relationship

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Mrs. Samantha

    This department is responsible for support IT operation in BINA NUSANTARA Group and communities around it. This department has two main functions are: Network and Communication, responsible for network operational and management in BINUS Group and communities around it. in the development of policies, standards and guidelines that direct the selection, development, implementation and use of Information Technology within the enterprise, promotion of quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the organization and build employee knowledge and skills in specific areas of expertise

  6. Business Analyst

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Mr. Adi Rinaldi

    This department is responsible in optimization of information management approaches through an understanding of evolving business needs and technology capabilities, direct or indirect involvement. This department manage the changes of the project scope in order to effectively meet the stakeholders' requirements and also evaluate business process in order to gain a complete understanding of current procedures, identify improvements, document those processes, and connect business people to information technology groups with in Bina Nusantara.

Having a vision being a world class center for innovating ICT. IT Division strives in enabling the vigorous pursuit of outstanding BINA NUSANTARA services for both BINA NUSANTARA Foundation community and external parties.

IT Division is transforming itself in becoming a leading institution by creating a program called Metamorph which aiming in developing ready to applied professionals. In addition, IT Division also explorers new technologies, finding its benefits for BINA NUSANTARA Community and external parties, which at the end boosting BINA NUSANTARA competitive advantage in pursuing BINA NUSANTARA 20/20.

Currently, the IT Division is located on Syahdan campus. The office is located on H Builiding the 2nd floor. For more information regarding IT Division, please access IT Division website in http://ict.binus.edu or phone (021) 534-5830 ext. 2300.


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